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Dakik Glunovo is Coming!

A new Sensor in the Diabetes Technologies World is coming . The Continuous Glucose Measurement System called Dakik Glunovo, implemented with the Turkish-Italian-Chinese joint Project, will finally reach users in December.

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T:C: Our Registration in the Ministry of Health, KTS System ...

As Dakik Remote Patient Tracking Systems , we provide services as T.C Ministry of Health certified software. Our integrations with the Ministry of Health modules such as E-Pulse, E-Prescription etc. have been completed (August 2022).

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In the market warfarin active ingredient is sold under the name Coumadin or Warfmadin. Warfarin is a vital drug.

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CE Mark (MDD-European Medical Device Quality Certificate) An...

There are established quality control systems for the use of medical devices all over the world. There are differences between these documents. The most important ones are CE Mark (MDD) used in Europe and FDA Approval used in the United States.

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Alert Recommendation Engine .

According to the patient's diagnosis or the drugs he takes, various Dr. advice and warnings

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