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Post-Treatment Cardiac Monitoring and Arrhythmia Control

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Continuous ECG Recording Until the Day 10

Full Charge in 6-8 Hours, 2 Years Warranty, Fingertip ECG Pocket Model

Flexible Methods in Use

An incredibly user-friendly device with adapters suitable for Special Electrode as well as conventional ECG Electrode or finger tip ECG !

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Easy-to-use Comfortable and High-Tech Mini Cardiac Monitor and Holter System Dakik©

With excellent signal quality and minimal artifact rate (0.02-0.08%), a modern era is opening in heart arrhythmia diagnosis. It is an ideal Holter Device that provides real time ECG monitoring of your patients over kilometers and with its ultra-light carrying comfort. There is also a Holter Analysis Software for 24-Hour ECG Analysis, with the reports obtained from here, arrhythmia can be followed professionally.

Instant Reporting

ECG Signals are recorded in the device. Thanks to Dakik Software, remote data transfer can be made and Holter Analysis can be performed remotely before the patient comes to the Clinic. Since this process can be repeated daily, a long-term Holter Report can be obtained. During Real Time EKG, it takes an extra recording specific to that time.

Click for sample report.

Practical & Effective

Patient Comfort: Incredibly light, wireless, non-irritating, waterproof

Convenience in the Hospital: Easy to put on and take off, remote access possible, Can be used > 4000 times, Hygienic

Effective: Detection of Arrhythmia and Atrial Fibrillation, 24 Hour Holter Analysis Report, Analysis of Instant ECG Signals, HRV Analysis


Holter System Dakik© provides data transfer with Bluetooth 5.0 Technology. Servers are in the country and are subject to ISO 27001.

Holter EKG Dakik© Medical Devices has Medical CE Certificate (TÜV München, Germany) and Approved by the Ministry of Health (Medical Devices Agency). It is registered in the Product Tracking System (ÜTS) (93/42/EEC). Click for the User's Guide.

Reasons That Make Dakik Holter Exclusive

Wireless, Holter Analysis with Local or Remote Web Software, Waterproof, Multiple Usage (>4000), Telemetry Functions (Real Time ECG)*, Instant ECG Data Analysis (QT), Data Transfer Ble 5.0 Tech, 24-hours HRV Analysis Reporting, Telemetry Function with Dakik IoT Box

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