The basic principle in the use of warfarin should be to adapt people to the life of warfarin in a way that does not disrupt their normal routine.

The person should not change or prohibit his entire diet according to warfarin, he should continue to eat in sufficient portions and the dose of warfarin should be adjusted accordingly. The basic principle should be not to stress people with prohibitions and serious restrictions.

Activities and exercises (such as boxing, karate, etc.) that may cause trauma and related bleeding are not recommended for warfarin users. You can do all activities and exercises that will not cause bleeding.

If you are going on a trip, you should be careful not to change your eating and drinking habits, and you should have the dose of Coumadin you need to use throughout the trip. You should not delay your INR analysis days.

If you want to start a diet; You should be careful in terms of foods that interact with warfarin, and you should not consume these foods excessively. It is the safest method to prepare a diet program suitable for you, taking into account your use of warfarin under the control of a dietitian.

You can fast while using warfarin. However, you need to pay attention to some issues. You should drink enough fluids. You should keep in touch with your doctor as your doctor may want you to check your INR level frequently. You can take warfarin 1-2 hours after iftar.